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CD + Blue Ray (Live Konzert feat. Donny McCaslin  und Ernie Hammes)


The Maxime Bender Orchestra is a unique new project lead by Luxembourg based sax player and composer maxime Bender. The entire big band recorded their new CD during te months of November & December 2010 in both the Topaz studio in Cologne and the Systems two studios in NYC.
Bender’s original compositions, written especially for this project, are largely based on his personal take on the contemporary modern big band sound, whilst discretely interweaving respectful undertones of the timeless classical jazz elements that have been the core of the bigband sound and texture for over half a century.
The musicians that took part in the recording are amongst the finest international contemporary jazz players:
Donny McCaslin (Grammy Nominated 2004 / Downbeat Award 2008) Frederik Köster ( German ECHO 2010 Winner / WDR PRIZE 2010 and GERMAN JAZZ PRIZE 2010) Sebastian Sternal (Martial Solal Prize Finalist / WDR PRIZE 2008/ ECHO 2013) Jonas Burgwinkel (WDR PRIZE 2009/ ECHO 2012) and Marshall Gilkes, to name but a few.
Composing and arranging have always been at the core of Bender’s musical work.Similar to the experimental approach he took in his 4tet and other ensembles,where he is constantly stretching stylistical boundaries, he used the big band formula as a larger playground for a search for new textures, sounds and rhythmical complexity. Also keeping his solid background in traditional jazz and big band music in mind, Maxime Bender, with the help of his fellow musicians, has come up with a modern opus of orchestral bigband music.


Christoph Möckel (alto sax/flute) Malte Dürrschnabel (alto sax/flute/clarinet) Stefan Schmid (sax tenor /clarinet) Sebastian Degen (sax tenor / flute) Heiko Bidmon (bariton sax/ bass clarinet/clarinet) Tim Daemen (trombone) Felix Fromm (trombone) Tobias Wember (trombone) Jan Schreiner (basstrombone) Christoph Moschberger (trumpet/flugelhorn) Volker Deglmann (trumpet/flugelhorn) Menzel Mutzke (trumpet/flugelhorn) Lennart Schnitzler (trumpet/flugelhorn) Vitaliy Zolotov (guitar) Pablo Held (piano)Oliver Lutz (doublebass) Silvio Morger (drums) Lukas Meile (percussion) Filippa Gojo (vocals)
Donny McCaslin (tenor sax) Ernie Hammes (trumpet / flugelhorn)
Maxime Bender (lead, compositions/arrangements, saxophone)


Christoph Möckel (alto sax/flute), Malte Dürrschnabel (alto sax/flute/clarinet), Maximilian Jagow (sax tenor /clarinet) Sebastian Degen (sax tenor / flute), Heiko Bidmon (bariton sax/ bass clarinet/clarinet), Tim Daemen (trombone), Max von Einem (trombone), Felix Fromm (trombone) Tobias Wember (trombone), Matthias Schuller (trombone) Jan Schreiner (basstrombone), Christoph Moschberger (trumpet/flugelhorn), Matthias Knoop (trumpet/flugelhorn), Volker Deglmann (trumpet/flugelhorn) Menzel Mutzke (trumpet/flugelhorn), Lennart Schnitzler (trumpet/flugelhorn) Chrsitian Winninghof (trumpet/flugelhorn), Riaz Khabirpour (guitare), Sebastian Sternal (piano), Pablo Held (piano), Markus Braun (doublebass) Silvio Morger (drums), Jonas Burgwinkel (drums), Lukas Meile (percussion), Filippa Gojo (vocals)
Donny McCaslin (tenor sax) (on Atibaia & Emanon), Frederik Köster (trompet/flugelhorn) (on Atibaia), Marshall Gilkes (trombone) (on Poses), Tobias Christl (vocals) (on Poses), Kathrin Scheer (vocals) (on Poses)

Maxime Bender (lead, compositions/arrangements)